PetCamp is a pet minding service for your pets whilst you are away. Your pets will be in a family environment enjoying the comforts provided at home, including sleeping indoors, playing with other pets and enjoying daily exercise, also if they are lucky some extras, like sleeping on the bed. Your pet will be disappointed to go home from camp.

To reduce the inconvenience of transporting your pet, fetch. provides a Pet Taxi service for a small additional cost.


Pet food (Wet/Dry & treats) reduces the tummy upsets experienced by introducing different types of food into your pets diet.

Bedding to keep some familiarity with their home environment.

Piece of your clothing which has the smells that the pet is comfortable with and eases the anxiety sometimes felt when out of their environment.

Additional items - Bowls, Balls, Toys



Make a booking

You will be contacted by a fetch. team member who will discuss your booking.

Receive an email confirmation of the booking.

Make payment prior to commencement of service.

Drop off your pet, items and pet forms. Meet the Pet Camp family.

Receive a copy of PetCamp inventory and arrange pick-up times.

Receive SMS/Email updates if required.


That's it, once you have met your Pet Camp family they will have all the details for any subsequent visits, so all you need to do is book for your next holiday. 48 hours is recommended to avoid disappointment.

Need more information, contact Us.



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