fetch. Pet Concierge is an alternative to boarding kennels and catteries and it reduces the animal's anxiety and risk of any potential illness that may be contracted from unsanitary environments or other animals.

fetch. Pet Concierge will give you peace of mind, knowing that your loved one is being cared for just as you would. Their daily routine is un-interrupted and they are surrounded by a familiar environment, reducing any un-necessary stress in which they would otherwise be exposed, but most of all your pet will get the utmost love and affection they deserve.

Some added advantages of using fetch. is that you wont be inconvenienced by transporting your pet or charged hidden fees for interviews, key drop off or watering plants and home care.

We offer the following different types of services which can be tailored specifically for your needs:


Bronze Package - 20min visit daily. We will play and provide caring support to your pet, feed, refresh water and any of our free extra services (light alternating, security checks, water plants, check mail, bring in/put out bins).


Silver Package - 40min visit daily. Includes the services from our Bronze Package and a 20 minute walk/dog park visit for your pet.


Gold Package - Two 20 minute visits. Includes the services from our Bronze Package in the morning & evening. Ideally suited to pets that need to be let out in the morning and locked away at night.


Platinum Package - Two 20min visits. Includes the services from our Bronze Package in the morning & evening plus a 20 minute walk. Ideally suited to pets that need to be let out in the morning and locked away at night and that need a little more exercise.


Home Stay - One of our qualified pet concierge will stay at your home for an overnight period (12 - 14 hours). They will provide overnight support for your pet. Suited for multiple pets that don't cope being away from their owners at night. Very limited service so booking in advance is essential.


Services can be mixed and matched however you like, remember "Your Pet Your Way".


Note: Shared care with neighbours, family and/or friends, voids ALL liability by fetch. pet company.



Make a booking via the online portal

You will be contacted by a fetch. team member who will discuss your booking and arrange a meet and greet.

Receive an email confirmation of the booking.

Meet and greet with your pet care professional. Your pet care professional will come and meet you and your pet to familiarise themselves with your usual routine. Things which are covered, where the food and water are kept and any medication requirements.

Make payment prior to commencement of service.

Receive SMS/Email updates if required.


That's it, once you have met your pet care professional they will have all the details for any subsequent visits, so all you need to do is book for your next holiday. 48 hours is recommended to avoid disappointment.

Need more information, contact Us.



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