Petsercise is all about getting your pet fit and healthy to ensure they have a long and enjoyable life with you. There are a few options to ensure your pet enjoys an optimal lifestyle. These include exercise, weight loss, pet therapies and nutrition services


There are three types of regular exercise services, dog walking, dog running and dog park fun.

Dog Walking - Your pet can be provided with regular walking services for 20, 40 or 60 minutes in your local area. We will maintain your usual walking routine with your pet.

Dog Running - For the pet that needs that little extra exercise. During this time, the pet will be provided with a warm up and warm down and then a run around your usual routine areas. Pets are similar to humans and require a warm-up and warm-down to decrease risk of injury.

Dog Park Fun  - Your pet will be picked up and taken to your local dog park for some social interaction and exercise. In the event that there are little to no dogs they will be exercised with the fetch. petsercise specialist.


Pet BootCamp  - Similar to human bootcamp, you and your pets will be put through their paces by a fetch. petsercise specialist. The program will be tailored to providing a full body workout for you and your pet.

Weight Loss - fetch. is introducing a new service for our slightly larger furry friends. With specialised vet approved weight loss programs including exercise and nutrition, your pet will lose those extra kilos and keep them off. Without the extra weight your pet will enjoy a longer healthier life and will reduce your vet bills in the long run.




Make a booking via the online portal

You will be contacted by a fetch. team member who will discuss your booking and arrange a meet and greet.

Receive an email confirmation of the booking.

Meet and greet with your pet care professional. Your pet care professional will come and meet you and your pet to familiarise themselves with your usual routine. Things which are covered, where the food and water are kept and any medication requirements.

Make payment prior to commencement of service.

Receive SMS/Email updates if required.


That's it, once you have met your pet care professional they will have all the details for any subsequent visits, so all you need to do is book for your next holiday. 48 hours is recommended to avoid disappointment.

Need more information, contact us.



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